See Pretty

by NoPop

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Love, television, friendship, bombs, ping pong, and pale heroes all burn pretty over the smiling, pink-punk prayer of "See Pretty." In this episode, NoPop ventures into the mirror to uncover its sacred visions and hidden inhabitants. Oscar, Louis, and Rachel team up with Oliver Ignatius, chief engineer of Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, and attempt to ensnare the rabid spirit of NoPop for the first time. See what kind of creatures live in your mirror.

“NoPop is everything your rock band wants to be.”
-DINGUS (included among Dingus' "Best 13 DIY albums of 2014")

"NoPop pretty much gave us what fans of The Pixies have been hoping to get since the 'Doolittle' years: music that's at once unpretentious, unpredictable, wildly explosive and absolutely memorable."
-The Deli Magazine

“...NoPop, a riot for the rule breakers born out of the culture of New York and the art of pop music. They have beached the tides of no-wave, stagnating its choppy waters and providing a fresh new alternative.”
-Daniel Thomas, Independent Music News (included among Thomas' Top 10 Independent Albums of 2014")

“NoPop has my full attention.”
-Ground Floor Go (“See Pretty” awarded Album of the Week)

“The sheer amount of styles, sensations and experiences compressed into this slim 16 minute package (“See Pretty”) is amazing. I was blown away when I saw the length of this release, it really feels like a complete, full length album.”
-Zaza Lipsoidiac, Speak Into My Good Eye


released May 13, 2014

Oscar Rodriguez bass and lead vocals
Louis Cohen guitar and backing vocals
Rachel Housle drums and lead vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.
Mastered by Louis Cohen
Artwork by Oscar Rodriguez with Rebecca Stachowicz.

NoPop would like to thank Oliver Ignatius and Friends and Family of Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, Josh Stern of TRENPA, Adam Gardner, Charlie Cohen and Deborah Wolsh, Steve Oppenheimer, Robinson, Geraldina, Gina, and Pedro Rodriguez, Rebecca Stachowicz, The Gas House Gorillas, Alane Brown, Roger and Jason Housle, Amaury Avalos, Sophia Chedid, Marissa Janczewska, Dinos San Pedro, and the rest of our family and friends.



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NoPop New York

NoPop is a Brooklyn-based pink punk, moxy-rock trio comprised of Oscar Rodriguez, Louis Cohen, and Rachel Housle. The band describes its sound as pink punk - an amalgam of pretty pop melodies, punk drives, and caffeine.

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Track Name: Love-y-Love
Dig a hole into the ceiling
Feeling coming to me about fall
Figure I'm about to come true
Coming to you before I go on

Ring, Ring, Ring

Well, I say I wanna know you
Though you get me to pretend
Guessing someday I will admit
The bullshit really turns me on
So on

Ring, Ring, Ring
And she says she loves
Track Name: All Friends
You said you'd go away
To a city with no name
And I hear people there are lame
And all my friends have gone away

All my friends are dead
All my friends are dead and gone

You tried to call my bluff
But you're too busy acting tough
My style, my stuff
All my friends have gone away

All my friends are dead
All my friends are dead and gone

You said you'd go away
To a city with no name
And I'll just try to be okay
But all my friends have gone away

All my friends have gone away
All my friends have gone away
Track Name: O, TV
Beneath the world
Such childish musings
"How can they think about Heaven?
How can they think about Heaven?"
Gets frozen shoulderings
From walks and wanders
"How can they joke about Heaven?
How can they joke about Heaven?"

O Tv, my Tv
O Tv, my Tv

Along the screening
He finds a camera
"I gotta make ends meet
I gotta make ends meet
How long before we?"
He bleeds a hunger
"I really care about me
I really care about me"

O Tv, my Tv
O Tv, my Tv

One before
One between
"See how they treat my Heaven?
See how they treat my Heaven?"
Wandering eye
That's all you need
"See how they cheat my Heaven?
See how they cheat my Heaven?"
Track Name: Ping Pong
I am a witness
To a typical stranger
Hell of a stranger
So frigid

People on the streets
Feeling fine
People on the streets
You know I love it when they say hello to me
It's magic
I know it
It's magic
I know it
It's magic
I know it
It's magic
Do me good

I felt his cancer
Keeping his vision
I heard his sermon
And I felt nothing
Track Name: New World Bomb Spirituality
I see a new star blooming in the east
Second coming, atomic sunrise
What's this fog of new world bomb spirituality?

They built the waves
That subject us and seal us
That confuse and encrypt us
That put tumors in our heads
To keep us from the real

But this is a wave that'll take you to the nameless
This is a wave that'll release the pain
This is a wave that you'll ride to your waters
This is a wave that truly adores
This is a wave that'll make you recall
This is a wave that'll burn down the web
This is a wave about a language of fire
This is a wave about a language of love
This is a wave that won't steal your number
This is a wave that'll turn out the bed
This is a wave for the rising water
This is a wave that truly adores

They built the towers
To undo our ability
To train us into howls
To amuse and confine
That would crumble like Jenga

They built the waves
Track Name: Talk Trauma
Don't go writing no bullshit
I know where your story is coming from
Your east coast, your west coast is suburbia
Talk trauma, talk about trauma
Get out of it, Mel
I'm in control

The touch has come, I'm waiting for the split
The spirit's been shipped in from somewhere else
Now I'm bordering you, you're bordering me some
Not like we were ever waiting for the Sun
I'm in control

Hide inside
Can't get out of there
Get me out of here